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 Custom Surveys Inc.

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Specializing in:

Custom quantity take offs for Air handling, Controls, Generators, Lighting, Mechanical systems, Panels, Plumbing, and Pumps.


We do take offs for every public project in the states of Washington and Alaska.


Take offs include:

The coversheet with Architects and Engineers, Bid Date, Place of Bid, Prior Approval Date, Cost Estimate for the project, Completion Time, Liquid Damages, and a short description of the project.


General forms, including bid form, substitution procedures, and substitution request form.


Specifications relating to the discipline you are interested in.


All of the pertinent plans for your discipline, including schedules, details, diagrams, and floor plans.


Quantity take off sheet showing the fixture count for your discipline.


We also post all addendum's that are relevant to your discipline, so you are always up to date on the project.


To view a sample of our take offs please go to the sample projects page.


If you have any questions please e-mail us at:


or call at: